19 August 2015

The Fiery Bandit ~ By Bob

210 Fire Street

31 December 9999

Dear King Ice-Bandit,

Thought you might like to know about my mission! It all started when I arrived in Dreamworld. The waves crashed against the rocks. The water foamed as it reached the sandy shore. I hurtled through the waves to protect myself from the icy spray. Then, something weird happened. The waves began to swirl furiously around me. The water rose higher and higher until it had created a water spout that swallowed the sun. While I was watching all of this, I was sucked into the vortext. I grabbed hold of the sun and spun violently arouñd for a terrifying ride. I tried to escape but my tail was caught in the core of the vortex. I pulled with all my might and the only part of me left in the raging water were a few white feathers. I threw the sun back into the sky and finally the water stopped spinning, and started to lap calmly against the rocks. Then I decided to fly back home to Fire Street. I'll be visiting you soon to show you the video of my adventure.

The Fiery Bandit

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