2 September 2015

How crayons are made ~ By Bob

How crayons are made

What you need:
Crayon making machine on a production line
Paraffin wax
Secret powder
various synthetic chemicals
steric acid
color powder

What to do:

 1. Melt the wax at 62 degrees Celcius in a big pot.
2. Add the secret powder.
3. Add the various synthetic chemicals and the steric acid.
4. Pour in the color powders to produce the color that you need.
5. Blend the mixture for 45 minutes.
6. Insert the wax into the crayon shape mould.
7. Cover the mould in cold water to make the wax cold and set.
8. Scrape off the extra wax on top of the mould and use it later to make more crayons.
9. Push the crayons out of the mould and onto the conveyor belt.
10. Put the crayons into the gluer and slot it into the revolving drum.
11. Slap a label onto each crayon and use the robot arm to wrap it around the crayon.
12. Sort out the crayons into boxes that match the color.
13. Programme the machine to drop one crayon per color into the tray.
14. Slide the each tray of crayons into each box.
15. Weigh the boxes of crayons to check if each box has the same weight and not one less or more crayon.
16. Fold the flaps of the boxes to keep it closed.
17. Sell the boxes of crayons.

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